(L.) Medik.

Synonym ► Saponaria vaccaria L.

Family ► Caryophyllaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India, as a weed.

English ► Soapwort, Cow Herb.

Folk ► Musna, Saabuni.

Action ► Roots—used for cough, asthma and other respiratory disorders; for jaundice, liver and spleen diseases (increases bile flow). Mucilaginous sap—used in scabies.

Saponins of the root showed haemo- lytic activity. Lanostenol, stigmas- terol, beta-sitosterol and diosgenin have been isolated from the plant. Xanthones, vaccaxanthone and sapx- anthone, and a oligosaccharide, vac- carose, have also been isolated.

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